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Hire qualified talent, quickly.

Finding the best talent without down time is crucial to minimizing the costs of procurement. From interviews to background checks, we balance our focus on customer-service with a detailed, and assurance-minded system of checks and balances. We don\’t just connect you with a CV, we find the best talent from our network of thousands of qualified candidates. 

Our Process

During a candidate’s preliminary interview we capture as much about his or her experience, goals, and attitude as possible. We go beyond the CV to invest time with the applicant because there’s only so much a job description can say. Additionally, Opportunity Healthcare requires all our applicants to provide their employment history with a minimum of three references before an interview. Simply connect with us below or call us @ 877-249-3332 and be directly connected with a dedicated hiring adviser.


The difference between a great provider and an adequate one is often a question of how well they fit into your company culture. At Opportunity Healthcare we take the time to understand the atmosphere, pace, values, and climate of the facilities we work with. When you\’re ready to hire, we don\’t think of it as \”filling a position.\” Our approach is to get the word out about why your facility is what is. What sets you apart. It means creating awareness and exposure around the values and culture that will attract interest in the long term.