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Nurse Practitioner Salaries Across the US: Adjusted for Cost of Living (June 2024)

Understanding nurse practitioner (NP) salaries can be tricky

A high hourly rate in one state might not translate to a better living wage due to the varying cost of living.

Top Paying States (Adjusted for Cost of Living)

Nevada takes the top spot with an adjusted hourly rate of $70.56. Iowa, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Minnesota follow closely, all exceeding $68 per hour when adjusted for cost of living. These states offer a competitive salary while maintaining a relatively affordable cost of living. #NPsalary #CostofLiving #AdjustedWages #NursePractitionerJobs

Middle of the Pack

Many states fall within a range of $60 to $67 per hour when adjusted for cost of living. This includes states like Texas, Illinois, Mississippi, Kansas, and Wisconsin. These states offer a decent balance between NP salary and living expenses.

States with Lower Adjusted Wages

While some states boast high hourly wages for NPs, the cost of living can significantly impact take-home pay. For example, California has the highest unadjusted hourly rate at $77.66, but its adjusted rate falls to $57.74 due to a high cost of living. Similarly, states like New York, Massachusetts, and Alaska offer high unadjusted wages but have a lower adjusted rate due to a high cost of living. #NPJobs #SalaryComparison #CostofLivingMatters

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