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PA Interview Tips

PA Interview Tips

At Opportunity Healthcare, we’re seeing a significant trend in healthcare: more physician practices are integrating Physician Assistants (PAs) into their teams. This expansion is enhancing the capacity of health systems to cater to the increasing patient demand. As a result, PAs are finding burgeoning opportunities across various settings and specialties, opening up numerous career paths.

If you’re a PA on the job hunt and have progressed to the interview stage, consider these three essential tips to ensure you find a position that truly fits your needs:

1. Be Transparent — On Paper and In Person

It’s crucial to know what you want and to communicate that clearly. Avoid claiming you’re open to working “anywhere” if your actual preference is within a 10-mile radius due to commuting preferences. Similarly, be honest about your clinical skills. Watching a procedure during training does not equate to proficiency in a professional setting, so ensure your resume and discussions reflect your actual experience.

2. Research Thoroughly

Before your interview, make sure to learn about the health system, the specific practice, and the community where it’s located. Demonstrating real interest and understanding of the area’s medical landscape shows that you’re not only enthusiastic about the position but also considerate of the resources available to your patients and yourself. This is particularly important if you’re considering roles in rural settings, where specialist consultation might not be readily available.

3. Match Your Compensation with Your Priorities

While salary is important, other factors might rank higher on your list, such as job flexibility, location, or other benefits like PTO, CME allowances, and retirement plans. Understand that compensation packages are often negotiable; inquire which aspects of the offer can be tailored to better suit your needs. Effective negotiation can often lead to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

4. Explore Before You Commit

Using your interview to understand the practice’s environment and culture is crucial. Working locum tenens at the facility can also be a strategic move, allowing you to experience the workplace firsthand without long-term commitments. This can help you make an informed decision about whether the position and setting are right for you.

5. Ask for the role

At the end of interview express your confidence in being a good fit for the role and your enthusiasm for working at this facility.

At Opportunity Healthcare, we support our PAs every step of the way—from finding potential job opportunities to navigating interviews and negotiations. Let us help you find your perfect fit in the healthcare world.

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