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Why should you use Locum Tenens as a part of your recruiting strategy

Why should you use Locum Tenens as a part of your recruiting strategy

Incorporating locum tenens as part of your permanent recruiting strategy can significantly enhance the agility and effectiveness of staffing in advanced practice roles. At Opportunity Healthcare, we recognize the unique challenges faced by facilities needing to fill Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant positions promptly.

Understanding the Time and Cost Savings:

It is a common scenario for healthcare facilities to experience prolonged vacancies in advanced practice roles. The most recent benchmarking surveys indicate that it takes an average of 222 days for a hospital’s recruitment team to fill an open NP or PA position. This lengthy process can result in considerable revenue loss and staff burnout. Locum tenens NPs and PAs can be a strategic solution, reducing the time to fill these roles to about 60 days and ensuring continuous patient care and revenue flow.

Addressing Hiring Challenges:

Hiring for advanced practice roles is no swift task:

– The initial months often involve sifting through CVs and selecting potential candidates.

– Even after accepting a position, candidates may have notice periods or relocation delays.

– Credentialing and insurance formalities with new facilities typically add a month to the process.

When recruitment extends nearly eight months, the strain on your existing staff can lead to increased burnout and turnover. Locum tenens staffing prevents these issues by providing temporary, qualified NPs and PAs to handle patient loads efficiently.

Calculating the ROI of Locum Tenens Staffing:

Employing locum tenens not only helps maintain care standards but is also financially viable. For example, employing a locum NP or PA can secure 200 days of billable services, substantially offsetting the costs associated with staffing gaps.

Enhancing Work-Life Balance and Professional Growth:

Temporary staffing solutions offer existing staff more manageable workloads, better vacation opportunities, and chances to pursue professional development, such as attending conferences or specializing further. This approach not only boosts morale but also fosters a supportive work environment.

Locum Tenens as a Strategic Staffing Solution:

At Opportunity Healthcare, we view locum tenens staffing as a dynamic part of our overall staffing strategy. This approach is especially effective in managing staffing shortages, whether in rural settings or major metropolitan areas, providing flexibility and continuity in patient care.

Creating Tailored Staffing Solutions:

Our team of staffing experts develops customized plans to ensure your facility operates smoothly, regardless of staffing fluctuations. By integrating locum tenens into your staffing strategy, you demonstrate a commitment to both patient care and the well-being of your staff, fostering stronger loyalty and a more resilient work environment.

At Opportunity Healthcare, we are dedicated to solving your staffing challenges with strategic locum tenens placements, ensuring your facility remains at the forefront of excellent patient care and staff satisfaction.

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